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February 3, 2012
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End Run Marco .:Rogue:. by BlackCalico End Run Marco .:Rogue:. by BlackCalico

::EDITSucker Punch was learned at level 31- and I believe the level cutoff is 30... crappy editing via MS Paint GO. ::/EDIT::
::EDIT2::He now has a Tumblr. Go bug him on it.::/EDIT2::
I am so glad this is finally fucking done. I refuse to put myself through this again. Fuck it.

Then again I'm also running on very little sleep for the past three days and have a splitting headache, so I pretty much hate everyone and everything atm. AND MARCO I HOPE YOU FUCKING DIE. Here's his bio:


::EDIT3:: Added stuff, fleshed out some more stuff (like things I forgot to put in, or things that became inconsistent by accident) and yeah. <: ::/EDIT3::

::EDIT4::Demoted Morianna to "pet" status, added Verita. She views you as lunch. Don't go near her. Safest bet. Not pictured here is a scar on Marco's stomach where Verita nearly gutted him.::/EDIT4::

::EDIT WHATEVER:: Whoops look who FINALLY UPDATED THIS BITCH. My god I am so lazy/tired. Trying to enter the Draw Back In contest, but I don't know if I can even make it ;w; IMMA TRY >8U::/EDIT WHATEVER::

Maaaaarco~ /ouo/ ::/EDIT AAAHH::

Name: Marco Renario
Age: 28
Height/Weight: 5’4” / 158 lbs
Hometown/Region: Castelia / Unova
Military Faction: Special Ops; Sniper
Extra items: Hunting knife (for those paranoid moments yo)(not pictured here- keeps it in his boot)
Pack of cigarettes
Pack of cards (sometimes war is boring 8I)(not pictured here)
Bow and Arrows (Bow went missing lolwhoops)
Combat Knife (my god Marco HOW MANY KNIVES DO YOU NEED)
Smoke Bombs (he stole them from somewhere in Ecruteak thinking they'd come in handy)

Personality: Marco has all the fuzzy warmth of a cactus in a blizzard. He’s a paranoid sort of man who always has his back to a wall and his front to everyone else in the room. He’s got a fairly short temper, yet he’s gained the skills over the years to stay out of trouble. He will flip whatever’s closest to him if he can’t flip the dumbass who pissed him off, which is fairly often apparently, making it a wonder how exactly he's stayed out of trouble. When he has free time, he enjoys taking things apart, looking at what made the object, and seeing what he can make with those parts. Heas a pack-rat mentality when it comes to alcohol and likes to stash it where he deems it will be safe, and thoroughly enjoys a game of cards every now and then.

Backstory: Marco was born to a fairly normal family, with a mother, father, and older brother in the household. They weren’t a rich family, but they weren’t poor either, and he grew up fairly comfortably. His father was always hard at work, and his mother was strict on him and his brother. You could say she went by a “respect me or don’t eat” philosophy, which worked in her favor considering she was never disrespected in her house. The Castelia of then wasn’t nearly as big as it is now, though still considered a city, and they lived on the outskirts, in a calm neighborhood.

Around the age of 8 he and his brother were playing near a river, when things got a bit out of hand and Marco fell into the water. Whilst trying to get out of the water, his brother thought it would be hilarious to tackle and sit on Marco. It wasn’t until Marco went still that his brother realized what he’d done (like a dumbass). His brother ran to get his parents, and after the young boy came to and told what happened, his mother and father justly punished his elder brother. Marco’s been afraid of water since then, and still hasn’t forgiven his brother for the life-threatening stunt.

Ten years later, at the age of 18, he migrated to Johto, looking for a life different from what he had, looking for some form of excitement, and looking to get away from the Unovan mafia he'd foolishly joined when he was 16. Soon after he got off the boat at the docks of Olivine, he found himself in Goldenrod. With little money and no way of survival, he soon wound up in the alleys, often chasing away rattata to the best of his abilities. It wasn’t long before he was a member of the local Goldenrod mafia, doing petty errands and going after “debts” owed to the don, and after awhile working as a smuggler, and a surprisingly good one at that. He moved up only slightly over the years, until one day when he, as a part of a group, had gone to a fairly desolate area of the city, to supposedly meet with a group from a neighboring mafia. As per the agreement of the supposed peace meeting, they came mostly unarmed. Marco, being slightly more naďve than most, didn’t even carry a single knife. However, they were quickly ambushed by the opposing group, turning the event into somewhat of a bloodbath. Attacked from behind, Marco suffered a slash to the neck that, surprisingly, didn’t kill him. This left him a bit paranoid, and he makes sure to always carry a hunting knife somewhere on his person.

It was six months after this that he met a young lady in another city, Olivine, which he was visiting on “business.” As he started spending more time with the woman during his free time, they became closer and closer. Fast forward, and they’ve now got a child on the way. To avoid any conflict with her parents, Marco quickly finished his business and left, while the woman told her parents that the child was a gift from Arceus. Oftentimes, Marco has received letters of their well-being, also being informed of the child’s gender and name; a daughter named Marie. Marco has never seen any pictures of his daughter. Marco keeps a picture of his daughter with him most of the time. [[LOL WHOOPS what is consistency?]]

With the war back up and running, Marco has seen a decline in his clients. Rather than sit by and hope that Johto wins the war soon, he has decided to temporarily leave his mafia (with extreme stress on the “temporary” part where his Don is concerned) and join the Military in an attempt to help the odds, as little as he can offer. To his surprise he was given an odd looking ball containing a sentret and ushered on his way. Scowling, he took the ball and opened it- thus releasing the waiting rodent inside, which then attempted to tear his face off. He shoved her back into the ball and proceeded to not open it again, not really caring if the pokemon was supposed to be a weapon or not.

He hasn’t received any letters concerning his daughter or her mother since.

:new:Having been forced to take care of his daughter (upon learning of her mother's death), and having grown tired of his military's cruelty, he has now defected- the Rogues, to him, offer more promise than the Johto militia ever did.
Marie and Rosa are also no longer in Johto camp.


Alda | Sentret Furret | Sassy | Keen Eye |Female
Pokemon bio / personality: Alda’s life in the wilds were typical of Pokémon; she foraged for food, fled from predators, and kept a look out for the group of Sentret she lived with. She and her fellow Sentrets never had a problem with their lives, nor with the presence of humans- they stayed far away from human populations, so the humans never really seemed to bother them.

On a rather bright, sunny afternoon, however, the small clearing where the Sentret were lazing about that day was suddenly disturbed, by humans and nets. Alda and her group scattered in confusion, the loud shouting of the humans and some barking of canine Pokémon confusing their senses. As they were rounded up, they were piled into cages and placed on waiting trucks. Shivering and afraid, they huddled in the far corners of their prisons, unknowing of the future ahead of them.

Once they gathered as many of the Sentret as possible, they drove the Pokémon to facilities where they would be examined and then, depending on the results of the examination, sent off for military use. Alda, upon trying to bite one human’s face off, was immediately sent off to the Johto military for their uses- after all, such a thing could be used against their enemies. She was soon thereafter shoved into a Pokéball and given to Marco. As soon as she was allowed out of the ball, she leaped at his face, which the man just barely avoided. Immediately after she was forced back into the ball, followed by Italian curses which she could hear through the “walls” of the entrapment. It was the next day that her Pokéball was knocked off Marco’s desk, landed just right, and released her. Now free from the dreadful suffocating prison, she looked around the tent, sniffing here, inspecting there, and for all her searching she found the man’s alcohol stash. She gnawed at the top for half an hour, determined to see what was inside, and finally got the cork out of the bottle.

Once Marco awoke, he noticed immediately that Alda’s ball was open and empty. Swearing under his breath, he looked to see the rodent sitting between two bottles of beer, and working her way into a third.

Cue a very noisy fight over these for awhile, as obviously Pokémon aren’t supposed to have alcohol anyway, right? and soon Marco had the squirmy thing pinned under one leg. It was then that he got an idea, and made a pact with the rodent- if she behaved and took orders from him like she should, he’d allow her to have some of his little stash- every once in awhile, of course.

Alda is a very wild Sentret, loving to get into trouble and get into things. Despite being a drunken rodent, she’s rather alert to her surroundings, and jumpy when in an area she is unfamiliar with. She’s taken a liking to perching on Marco’s head or shoulders whenever she can.

Morianna | Murkrow | Naughty | Insomnia | Female
Pokemon Bio / Personality: I'M WORKING ON IT STILL SOB :iconthisisawfulplz:
Have some basic info while you wait;

-Obsessed with the color red; if it's red, she'll attack it. Especially someone's hair.
-Will only attack red-colored hair. The exception to this is Fred's hair. Luckily she hasn't met him thus far as I'm typing this.
-She will stop mid-flight and fly in circles in an attempt to get her scarf before realizing it's just her scarf and going about her business.
-Her eyes are blue. Blue. <:
-she's watching you. :iconzombiecatplz:
-she loves playing pranks on people and watching their reactions. The madder they get, the more amused she is.
-Relegated to "pet" status- serves as a messenger to take letters back and forth between Marco and others (who's he sending them too...?)

Verita | Seviper | Serious | Shed Skin | Female
Pokemon Bio / Personality:
-Extremely violent, it's not advised you approach her unless you have a death wish.
-She regards everything as a meal or something beneath her, though she is somewhat friendly towards other snakes.
-Holds a high hatred for psychic types, and also greatly hates Morianna for knowing a psychic-type move.
-She seems to be on a mission to kill and/or eat Marco or Ichigo- both of them should be rather careful around her.
-She's around 16-17 feet tall when elevated- this is NOT her nose-to-tail tip measurements.
-Being around the Rogues may calm her down, or so Marco is hoping, otherwise there may be no hope for this snake.

Lino | Espeon | Quirky | Synchronize | Male (le gasp)
Pokemon Bio / Personality:
Misc: Lino is based of an Egyptian Mau- that's why he has the darker lines around his eyes. (lolguyliner)(MAYBE HE'S BORN WITH IT...)

- - - - - - - - - -

Special thanks to Oniwanbashu for the redline'd sketch that saved people's eyes from melting at my horrible leg anatomy skills.

God Kana, why the fuck do you have to suck at bios so much :T

:new:EDIT- Numel Brand cigarettes idea was made up by *KestrelWings <XD;;; Sorry I forgot to credit you earlier!
Application/End Run(c)whoever
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One wonders what his relationship with the Arboks would be like then...
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haha x3 *responded to that on Tumblr, but copy-pasta's here too*

" If he had one with them. It wouldn’t be good. XDD He doesn’t like the Arboks at all, thinks they’re the worst mobsters he’s ever seen rofl. His mafia’s been around for quite a few years and they are widespread across Johto, and some are even in Kanto. <: Though they’ve lost contact with their Kanto-stationed buds.

Of course, this is all OOC and no one IC knows this *shifty-eyes*

At the same time, people aren’t supposed to know he’s really a mobster. XD it’s all part of the whole “not end up in jail” thing. x3"
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